Babe, feel this…

pink ink

All my girls know the 1st chance I get to take off my bra, I will. September 7th was no different. Or so I thought! Walking in the door @ 9pm, I “flash danced” my bra off, hopped on the bed and massaged my boobs. Having tiny ones, that didn’t take long. Then I felt it. A large nugget in my right boob. No pain, but it has hard and new. No panic. Just “babe, feel this”.

He felt it, turned back to the tv, and said “girl, that’s your lymph nodes”. Really? That’s it? Yup, that was it. But I spent half the night feeling myself. Did I dream it? Is it really there? Feels big. Is it? Will it be gone in the morning? No, 7 am. Still there.

As soon as my daughter got on the school bus, I called my doctor. The receptionist was so understanding and concerned! They could fit me in on…Sept 30th. Again, REALLY? Now here is where being a ” group chick” paid off. My doc is in my jack & Jill chapter. So I texted her and 30 minutes later she said she would write a mammo order for me. She didn’t think It was anything. After all, I had a mammo 4 months earlier. “if it will make you feel better” she said, “go”. Next thing I know, blayre & I are sitting in an office waiting room after school.

Flash forward 1 week, 2 MRIs, ultra sounds and 2 biopsies later, and I am officially diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer! So began the journey of telling family and friends and starting the long road to recovery. Nothing can prepare you for that moment. I only feel fortunate that I didn’t have an overwhelming sense of doom and sadness that so many feel. Because of all the breast cancer advocacy I have done, I felt “ok”. We just had work to do. The hardest part was going to be putting the plan into action, and managing other people.

Flash forward again 2 months…I am almost 1/2 way through my treatments and have experienced nausea on an epic scale. But I do know that the treatment is working, the cancer is shrinking. In fact, just yesterday, I turned to my husband and said…”Babe feel this…”

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  1. TME
    Jun 11, 2015 @ 18:33:01

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    The moment every breast cancer survivor (and their families) remembers. “Babe, feel this …” is Barbra’s first post about finding her lump and the immediate barrage of tests, the arduous journey of telling family and friends, and the beginning of her road to recovery, her “LIFE in the CANCER LANE”.


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