don’t count your chickens…

pink ink…

No doubt over the past week to couple of months, you have heard about Guiliana Rancic and her Breast Cancer journey. If not, go pick up the recent People Magazine. Anyway, Guiliana, or “G” as I like to call her, is a friend in my head. As you know, I am Pop Culture girl, and G is a pop culture/celebrity reporter from the E! Channel. I have watched her from the beginning and also watch her show with husband, Apprentice winner, Bill Rancic. So it is quite ironic that we are on the journey “together”, learning some of the same lessons.

Side note…what was REALLY funny was when Michele texted me, asking if I knew about Guiliana. She had no idea who she was, but wanted to share her story. So nice, but soo funny! I mean, really? Of course I knew “G”!

Ok, to bring you up to speed. G was diagnosed with breast cancer a week after I was. Big announcement along with many interviews. It’s always good when a celebrity can bring some attention to the “cause”. She was having problems conceiving and her IVF doc told her to get a mammo before she started treatments. Originally, G RESISTED getting a mammo b/c she was so young. Finally, she did, only to discover cancer in both breasts. G is also a skinny mini, and would not have found her cancer through exams. Her treatment path was to have a double lumpectomy and radiation. Over the last couple months, while I have been hooked to an IV getting chemo, she was getting radiation everyday. In my mind, G and I were doing this together! More interviews. G was “doing well” and happy that treatment was almost over and she could move on. Sound familiar?

Well, in an ironic twist, G announced last week that the cancer was NOT gone. What a shock, that I now completely understand. In fact, G announced, she was going to have to have a double mastectomy!

Yesterday, as G was in surgery, I learned that I would have…a double mastectomy. And possibly…MORE CHEMO! Again, you read correctly.

Possibly, MORE CHEMO.

How did this happen? As you can imagine, I completely lost it when the Doctor said she couldn’t take out my port b/c I may need more chemo. Honestly, as “strong” as I think I am, I don’t know how I…we, as in my family…will handle it. This is major surgery. There will be lots of pain. Upside…I will get those boobs after all. I tell you, it better be worth it!

Once again, I will pull out all the well wishes from family and friends around the country. I will accept all the prayers, and say my own. I will NOT think about the thought of chemo. All that will do is depress me really.

They announced this morning that my girl G is awake and cracking jokes already! That is probably the pain medicine! If I know G, she’s joking about her new boobs also!

I hope that one-day G and I will be able to meet. Our journeys so connected. (Ok, at least in my head!!!) She’s young. I’m young. She has a national forum to discuss breast cancer awareness, while I will still focus on our local efforts. Think of the work we could do! The messages to be shared:

Touch your boobs!

Get a mammo!

Ask questions!

And unfortunately…don’t count your chickens…

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  1. Shon Peebles
    Dec 16, 2011 @ 22:27:02

    You are my She-Ro!!! I recently felt a lump in my right breast. It was very tender, sore and irritating. If it weren’t for you and your strength and your story, I wouldn’t have called my doctor. After exam, she told me it was a cyst and would go away. I left the appt very nervous and within 2 weeks it was gone…..probably just a cyst. I have ovarian cysts also. However, because you have so inspired me and touched my life, I have requested a mammogram to double check. You are touching women across the miles…….I am keeping up with you through this blog. I am praying for you and your family daily! ~ Shon Peebles, your MV Buddy, your Links sister, your friend.


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