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pink ink…

Sooo…I finished chemo! “Hope” was floating everywhere! I was coming out of the darkness. I was looking forward to 3 weeks of relative quiet! A local celebrity suggested that we do a few “Ask the Chicks” postings where we answer readers’ questions. Great idea! I reached out to a few ardent followers for questions. Most were quick to respond. But before we got a chance to post, I had a radiation consult. Nothing to be worried about, right?

I met with my friend/Radio-oncologist, who walked me through everything. It will be everyday for 6 weeks, it’s micro attacking of cancer cells, 4 small “tattoos” where the radiation will hit. Yada yada. (Side note/medical minute: radiation doesn’t hurt initially. I could have some skin “burning” later. I am NOT radioactive! It takes all of 15 minutes each time) Half way through the visit, I showed her a knot that popped up in the last 2 weeks. It was about 2 inches from my scar, in the same breast where I had the tumor. Looked like a big black head. It didn’t hurt, or itch. It was just…there. I noticed it while loob-ing my boobs (preventing stretch marks!!). To me it was yet another annoying scar! Next thing I know, my doctor is calling my mastectomy surgeon…not to be confused with my plastic surgeon. Twenty minutes later, I am having a consult with the surgeon. Ten minutes after that, they are cutting the knot out. Minor surgery right there on the examining table! Big and Lil B, 10 feet away! Six stitches later, I was back downstairs finishing my radiation consult.

Later that night, we got the call…and missed it!

The message said it was urgent. The Doc wanted me to call back…the next day! Mild panic set in. But a Percocet later, and I was sleep for the night.

8:00am, Big B gets the news. It is…CANCER. Yes, you read correctly. More cancer in the breast. Shock and awe! More Shock!

To answer the obvious questions, the chemo didn’t kill it because it was too close to the skin. Chemo attacks cancer cells through the blood. These were cancer cells growing right under the skin. This isn’t totally unheard of, but it is not normal. So my friends, I will be having surgery in 3 days to excise the skin around the area where the knot was. “Just to make sure”.

Now I think I have officially passed Giuliana of E! News with this additional footage! In fact, I think she should now sign on as an Executive Producer of my story! More cancer?? Really?! Again, if this was on TV, you would be switching the channel because it wouldn’t seem real!

No tears. Even though we are shocked, we are resigned. If something crazy is going to happen, it will! The upside is, I told my doctor! It is just one more example of women needing to pay attention to our bodies! Had I not told my doctor, I don’t know what would have happened.

So today, in preparation for surgery, I had ONE breast deflated. Now picture that! One side is a DD and the other is a large C! FUNNY! (Don’t gasp at the size! Remember they are OVER stretching the skin) The breast had to be deflated so that they will have enough skin to cut out. After the surgery, I will have to heal for 3 weeks before they re-inflate me. Only then will I start radiation. But it gives me an idea of how the breasts will feel once I get the real implants. Soft! Once again, that finish line is just out of reach. I keep telling myself, “it’s a marathon”! Can you imagine the scars I am going to have??

In addition to all this, my blood work shows I am anemic and have low blood counts. Hopefully, I will not need a transfusion or another Neulasta shot. Keep hope alive!

Rest assured, eventually, we will host an “Ask the Chicks” post or 3! So think of the questions that you may have. We promise to answer them honestly!

See you after surgery! It’s number 4, if you are keeping count!

Until then, keep checking your bodies, and check back here for my…Additional Footage!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. CH
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 01:59:08

    What an update! Way complex – more of a dramatic whirlwind a la Anderson Cooper – than the local newsies. What can I say….well, something silly, of course.

    Personally, I would have been more upset about the anemia…you, too, right? I can’t stand iron-rich liver!! And because we’re so aligned on so many other uber important things (love of pop culture and coconut, for instance) I think you might really hate liver too (even if it is in a terrific gravy). So I took this opportunity to use “the google” and find other suitable iron-alternatives (sure, no trouble at all. You can thank me later).

    Try these iron-clad delicacies:
    3 ounces of clams or mollusks (hard to spell and pronounce)
    3 ounces of oysters (hubba hubba)
    3 ounces of cooked beef
    3 ounces of canned sardines, canned in oil (probably not gonna happen)
    3 ounces of cooked turkey (watch out for the ole L-tryptophan)
    3 ounces of chicken
    3 ounces of halibut, haddock, perch, salmon, or tuna (what about Sea Bass?)
    3 ounces of ham (my favorite swine)
    3 ounces of veal
    1 cup of cooked beans (did they really have to tell us to cook them?)
    1/2 cup of tofu (watch out for the soy)
    1 ounce of pumpkin, sesame, or squash seeds
    1/2 cup of canned lima beans, red kidney beans, chickpeas, or split peas
    1cup of dried apricots (yum)
    1 medium baked potato (better eat the skin)
    1 medium stalk of broccoli
    1 cup of cooked enriched egg noodles
    1/4 fourth cup of wheat germ (no good reason to willingly eat germs)
    1 ounce of peanuts, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, roasted almonds, roasted cashews, or sunflower seeds (ok, we get it. LOTS of nuts)
    1/2 cup of dried seedless raisins, peaches, or prunes (at least you’ll be regular)
    1 cup of spinach (and strong like Popeye)
    1 medium green pepper
    1 cup of pasta
    1 slice of bread, pumpernickel bagel, or bran muffin (dark bread..there’s a positive message here)
    1 cup of rice

    So just keep up your nutrition and everything will work out wonderfully (like the surgery and soft inflatable flesh). All my delicious and utterly ridiculous love (clearly…and some of the best recipes – Patti LaBelle ever thought of – if you let me take this thing any further).


  2. alwaysmomof4
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 03:10:43

    So sorry that the finish line for your marathon keeps getting extended. I’m a friend of Michele’s and have been following your blog. So sorry the news wasn’t better. So glad you have such wonderful support.


  3. Dee
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 03:23:57

    Sorry that I didn’t get a question in, because I have been busy with plans for our Regional next week. You have some prayer warriors praying for your healing and strength. God bless!


  4. Joyce
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 14:48:03

    God bless you. You will be alright.


  5. Paigepink
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 14:49:38

    Standing on the sidelines cheering you on.
    Go Bobbie Go!! Flags, Flowers & a Bottle of bubbly in hand. See you at the Finish Line!


  6. JC Ellis
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 12:15:03

    Another surgery? WTF??? In the immortal words of Florida Evans “Damn, damn, damn!” For your non mocha blog followers, this is what Florida screams while doing the dishes when she gets the news that her husband James has been killed and the family will not be moving from the projects. Classic “Good Times” line that is on the “are you really black” test that is given semi annually.

    Next, you look AMAZING in that pink off the shoulder gown. I hope your photo was featured in a local magazine or paper!!! G really better watch her back!

    Third, I too LOVE Wicked and have seen it 3 times!! The 2nd time I paid ridiculous broker rate for 5 second row seats and my girls and I took your NU soror/my cousin-in-law Lisa and her mini me as a way to share a happy experience together after my cousin’s tragic car accident. Lisa and her mini me loved it too! And like you, I too have cried each time. It is hands down my favorite musical, and I plan to see it again!!!
    You are the pink poster child for checking your body and telling your doctor. Because of your posts, I’m much better about my self exams and paying attention to my body. I too am anemic and suck down a daily iron tab. Years ago in an attempt to give blood at work, the phlebotomist tech said my iron level was so low that she didn’t know how I was even walking around. She made me eat a burger for lunch. Yum! I now chomp my weight in green leafies since a daily burger would bloat my butt out to Bejing!
    I’m glad the radiation is described as less painful and only takes 15 minutes. Let the countdown begin as you prepare to climb out that damn window and meet me at the bar for a grey goose & pink lemonade, my new favorite happy hour libation. The B’s and I are praying for you!!! smooches!


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