With you in Spirit

red ink . . .

I couldn’t be there today to celebrate with pink ink, in person – and it broke my heart. The plan was to go and surprise her – her husband set this up weeks ago…the reservations were made and the plane tickets were in hand. BUT my oldest son is in the hospital, so my heart is in two places – here in Chicago and there in Phoenix.

Despite her countdown posts, she’s actually been a little ambivalent about celebrating this “end” for the weeks leading up to ring of the bell signaling the final radiation treatment. I’ve been walking with her, step by step, cheering her along and insisting that she claim every victory.

We’ve both had some tough reminders over the past several weeks that there are no guarantees about what tomorrow will bring in any of our lives, so celebrating today and experiencing the true joy of those moments in our lives is absolutely essential.

I’ve gotta say, we have these moments every day and laughter is always a part of it . . .

Me: (calling her while leaving the hospital where I just admitted my son, having just read her latest post) OK, so really given the night I had, did I really need to wake up to another “scary boob” picture? Seriously, are you o.k.?”

She: I knew you’d want to see it! (lol) Really, who knew I’d have 4th degree burns on my boobs, and be wrapped up like a mummy. And why did the nurse say to me “you’ve got a long road ahead . . . seriously????

Me: Talk about bedside manner . . . it’s a good thing that I wasn’t there because you know I’m not in the frame of mind right now to be polite . . . have you heard of the song “I feel like slapping somebody today” by Ludacris . . .that’s where I am right now . . . on the edge, girl. (O.K. picture this — educated, preppy, mom and wife, actually feelin’ Luda)

Both: LOL

So we aren’t really “Laughing At Our Pain” like Kevin Hart, but we are certainly laughing through it – and crying through it, and getting mad through it, and holding each other up through it – but getting through it is all that’s important. That’s our every day celebration of this life that gifted us this friendship.

Signing off now, and raising my glass (champagne, of course) . . . with you in spirit (I know I’m not alone) . . . and one step closer to the beach . . .

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