Just keep swimming

red ink . . .

Sitting at a swim meet yesterday cheering my middle son on – every time a head bobbed out of the water somebody yelled “GO.” My son says that while in the water they only hear noise but believe me he knows that the cheering squad is in the house – when he comes back to the stands for a check in, a snack or a towel, he counts on the “good job” and smiles to get him pumped for the next race which he has to ultimately swim on his own. I’m watching and thinking about Barb’s journey and how many times I felt just like I feel now – a cheerleader on the sidelines.

So I was really shocked to find out that anyone was even actually reading “red ink,” let alone counting on me to tell the story when Barb was otherwise occupied. Sorry for letting you down. My goal in getting the blog started with Barb was to give her a place to get everything out and to let her know that I was with her each step of the way. In the beginning, it was easy to blog and be the outspoken cheering section. As the journey got more difficult, and the reality of our lives hit me, I kept cheering her on, talking to her almost every day, but I found it increasingly difficult to live out loud. Ironically, as my voice quieted, Barb’s grew stronger. As I think about it, that’s exactly as it should be. It’s really her story to tell. And tell it, she has – honestly, with great humor, passion, and humility – she has allowed us to share her journey. Mine is simply one perspective on her story, and many of you have your own perspectives to share.

So Barb, I hope you heard more than “noise” while you were in the water, but if you didn’t that’s o.k., I know you were happy to have your cheering section, and I’ve been honored to be a part of it.

As you continue to “keep swimming,” just know that your cheerleaders are always here ready with a warm towel, or an encouraging word when you need us!

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