Walk with me

Pink ink…

Today I registered for the Phoenix Race for the Cure! That’s right. In 3 months and 3 days I will be participating in my umpteenth Komen Race.

To top it off, I created a Pinkwellchick team! Shocker huh? LOL. Not a shocker at all! In full disclosure, I do sit on the local Affiliate Board of Directors. Some would say I HAVE to walk. That is technically true. I have to participate as part of my Board responsibilities. That’s what I have to do according to the piece of paper I signed. But, there’s more to it.

I could give you the straight facts:

-We need a Cure.
-75% of the money raised stays local.
-The money raised goes toward providing mammograms, treatment & breast cancer prevention and education.
I am the Cure encourages people to make a commitment.
-Every group I am in from the Jr. League to The Links, Inc. has partnered with Susan G. Komen to bring awareness.
-Did I mention we need a Cure?

But that’s not why I have to participate. I have to participate because…I HAVE to! LOL. You see, breast cancer awareness has always been a part of my life, a part of me. But now? Now, it IS me. My breast cancer does not define me. But it is a defining part of me. So I have to be there. I started my treatment journey the day after last year’s race. What a triumph it will be to walk, having been in the Cancer Lane for a year!

Walking with Survivors after surviving…everything.

Walking with my husband, celebrating HIM. Thanking HIM! He has survived this journey. He got me through this journey. The Race day will also be our 17th wedding anniversary!

Walking with Lil B…again! This will be Race #10 for her! But it will be different this time. She now knows first hand what self-detection means. She knows first hand what “Survival” means. She can now “Share her story”.

Walking with friends from all over. Friends like Red Ink Michele, who promise to walk side by side, hand in hand with me, as we promise to continue this dialog, continue to survive.

Walking in memory of those we have lost. For years I have walked in honor of a friend. We lost her not long ago. I will still proudly wear her name on my shirt.

Walking, knowing that I have a responsibility, a desire to keep giving “cancerrealtalk”. A responsibility to get even more people talking about breast cancer. A responsibility to get my friends to do self-exams, to get mammos. A responsibility to DO SOMETHiNG.

So you see, I HAVE to walk.

I hope you will…walk with me.

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