More to come

Pink ink…

Well we did it! We made it to the Inkwell! It’s been a long year. The thing that was always on the horizon was getting to the Inkwell. At my lowest point I said to Big B, “ If only I can get to the Vineyard.” When I was in the throws of chemo, Red Ink Michele sent me a photo book of our favorite pictures and places from the Vineyard. I pulled out that book whenever I started to feel “blue”. When I thought I was dying, just weeks ago, I told Big B, that I wanted my last trip to be to the Vineyard. I just wanted to see the Inkwell one more time.

Why the Vineyard? I have been going to the Vineyard for over 30 years. Lil B has traveled there 9 of her 10 years. It is a place where my family hits the “restart” button. Michele and I have been reconnecting at the Inkwell for at least 10 years. Thanks to my parents, it is a place that feels like a long warm hug. Thanks to my parents, and now Big B and Michele, it is a place that feels like (If I can be a bit dramatic!) unfettered love. We all just breathe, relax, and take time to…LIVE.

This was the first time that I have ever been to the Vineyard without my parents. I must say, it was bittersweet. When it was time to make our reservations last year, we all hesitated. Would we really make it to the Vineyard? Time came and went, and my folks chose not to come. A part of me was ok with that. It would be a time for the “3 Bs” to start our own tradition. But as time grew close for us to leave, I felt sad. When I got to the island, as the days passed, I realized that I missed the comfort of my parents presence. Given all that we had been through, I wish they had been there to hit “restart”. As we walked around the island, Lil B would point out the places she went with Poppi for donuts, or the fried clam place she went with Nana. Alas, like everything else this past year, it was a new experience, and a little painful.

There are so many stories to share. So many moments of reflection. And a few headaches. Yup, still have those! Michele and I thought about posting everyday. But in the end, we chose to just enjoy ourselves, and our families. To enjoy the new memories we were creating.

I made it to the Inkwell. I have hit “restart”.

So sit back. Over the next few days, as I reflect, there is sure to be…more to come!

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