Old friend

Pink Ink…

“The best mirror is an old friend”
-George Herbert

School started today! It seemed like just yesterday Lil B was packing up her 4th grade desk for summer break! Before she left for school, she was talking about the things she was looking forward to. They included things like, choir practice, getting to know her new teacher, and seeing her old friends.

She also said she looked forward to a year without worrying about me and breast cancer!


What do you say to that? I just hugged her and said that we will have a great year. Lil B then said that she was sad that her “best friend” from school was going to a new school this year. I reminded her that they would still see each other. (She lives 5 minutes way!) As only Lil B could, she responded with a hug, and said “Hopefully we will be like you and Miss Lizzie.”

I hope so as well.

Lizzie and I met when I changed schools in 7th grade, and quickly became thick as thieves. We never had any teenage girl drama with each other, and kept each other sane in our granola private school. But when we headed off to college, we went our separate ways. Last May, we reconnected at our high school reunion, 20+ years later. It was like we hadn’t skipped a beat. Our laughter picked up where it left off. It was kind of scary!

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Lizzie was right there, every step of the way! She’s a nurse and very close with the woman who founded breastcancer.org. She immediately offered me resources and support. Sometimes she questioned my treatment! But most often she was like “What the he*#, is going on? Why is this happening to you?” I came to enjoy and expect her 3am PST texts asking how I was, or just sending her love. Lizzie always asked me if it was ok to ask for more details. I was like “You’re crazy! I give “#cancerrealtalk”.(see twitter) Ask away!” All the way from Philly, she was…present, right there with me in the Cancer Lane! Last month, she came to visit her family, and see me in person. It was 1986 all over again! Even though I was having those awful headaches, she made me laugh. Big B just shook his head, and said he could see why we were friends. Lizzie and Lil B bonded…being Leos and all! (Ironically, her daughter ‘s birthday is the day before mine-Leos & Aquarius’ unite!).

Twenty plus years later, I appreciate and value her friendship more than I did at 18.

So as Lil B headed to school, I silently prayed that one day she will have a “Lizzie”.

I pray that she will have an …old friend.

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  1. Jackey Allen
    Aug 12, 2012 @ 04:23:12

    In 2009 I came down with cancer. I still have not finished my reconstruction. I too scared to do it by myself. I wish I had just one friend.


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