Best of luck

Pink ink…

Dear Giuliana,

Happy Birthday! Remember me? I’m the chick who was diagnosed the same day as you and had surgery the week after you? It’s been a while since I last wrote of you. But rest assured, I watched “Giuliana & Bill” to keep up! A lot has been going on. Still working on my “Cancer Lane” mini-series. Did you see that we went to RPM as part of my celebration of finishing treatment? I was waiting for the “congrats” return tweet! But it never came, even after I commended your staff! And tweeted a picture! (see pic) But that’s ok. Fellow Survivor Robin Roberts tweeted her love and congrats!

I thought of you earlier this week, as we celebrated Lil B’s birthday. I know you are eagerly looking forward to the birth of your son. I asked myself what you would tell your son about your breast cancer journey? Would it begin…and end…with the fact that your deep desire to have him led you to discover your breast cancer? Will you say you just wanted it all behind you, and chose to focus on his birth and your product launches? Or, will you say it was tough being in the public eye and balancing the breast cancer versus surrogacy parts of your story? As I put my baby girl to bed on her birthday, I held her close and apologized for disrupting her 4th grade year! I promised that we would do everything in our power to make this year “better”. I also thanked her for helping me travel this Cancer Lane. As I watched her fall asleep, I knew in my heart that the best gift she received this year (other than love!), was the gift of knowledge and awareness. She turns 10 knowing that her mom fought hard against cancer. She will know the importance of breast health. She will know that Breast Cancer education is not a “sound bite” or just in October. She will know that Mommy is still here! On your birthday, I wish you, Bill and Baby Rancic the same!

Best of luck!

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  1. Tasha B
    Sep 11, 2012 @ 02:51:04

    I love you, Big B and Lil B. I know that you guys are stronger and better than it all! I found a photo of us with 2 babies almost 10 years ago. It was the last time I saw you guys. You were good then, you are great now. I hope to see you one day soon and until then, continue to be blessed. Love life. Isn’t it cool to have a decade old daughter? It trips me out everyday!


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