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Well, I survived my 1st week of Chemo, so I thought I would give a quick update! It has been a crazy week of highs and lows. So buckle up!


Last Sunday, the night before chemo, I actually slept really well! I didn’t wake up until about 5am. My plan had been to wake up and WORK OUT before putting Lil B on the bus! Yeah, that didn’t happen. I rolled right back over to enjoy my last 90 minutes of…peace! What do they say? “The best of intentions!” Ha! There were no tears getting on the bus. We all had a sense of “been here before”. We told Lil B to keep her phone on, and sent her on her way! Then it was off to Mayo.

The quick and dirty is that I was SCARED TO DEATH of what my emotional reaction would be as I walked into the Chemo Suites. Well you know I believe in “cancerrealtalk”, so full disclosure. The Doc said I could take a Valium before hand. So I took a ½ pill and breezed in! No tears, just a little bit of apprehension. Big B was watching me close b/c he knew at any time I could crack! All the nurses recognized me, and begrudgingly welcomed me back. In fact, Nurse Michele was there the 1st time I had chemo LAST year! Bananas. After 3 attempts at getting in the IV, they called in a special IV nurse, and it worked. So we began. Of course I was nauseous, but thankfully, no actual vomit. Three hours later, I was on my way home.

The good news: Compared to last year, not nearly as much nausea! Only took Zophran 3 times this week! I have started to lose appetite and taste buds, but not too bad. I have exercised and eaten healthy all week! I have been able to enjoy my husband and daughter. I am certain this will change, but for now, that is GOOD news!


The bad news: I realized I have a bruised rib, hence the swelling and obnoxious pain that has kept me sleep sitting up for 3 nights! I bruised it in Vegas on a shower door…and no alcohol was involved!!!! HA! So I spent half the week on Vicodin at night, just to sleep. Also, if I lay or sit the wrong way, I break into racking coughs. Last night I had my 1st foot cramp in months. That comes from dehydration. I didn’t know I was dehydrated! I couldn’t walk or bend my toes! After an hour, 2 bottles of water, and many tears, I was able to go to sleep.

The worst news: One week ago, I felt GREAT! Healthy, full of energy. Now, once again, I feel that my body is not my own. Everything hurts. The feeling of health is fading fast from my memory. I wonder if I will ever know what that feels like again. I had my Port consult. I will have my port put back in, in a week. It will stay in…forever.

That’s my medical update.

I have been comforted this week, by all the people who continue to reach out to me. Thank you! To those in Charlotte, I hear you! I see your notes and texts! I feel the love across the miles! It is very humbling. I also heard from one of my Northwestern Sorority “Big Sisters”, with whom I had lost contact. When I read her card, silent tears fell. (That “1908” bond is something else.)

Tomorrow I have my 2nd round of chemo. I’m ready. Let’s get at it!



2011 Fashionetta

2011 Fashionetta

Finally, yesterday we went to the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Fashionetta. It’s a Holiday Fashion show, and the largest attended black event in Phoenix. The place to be the 1st Saturday in Dec. Good times! Last year, I was bald and cold and keeping people at arms length so I wouldn’t get sick. This year, not so bald, but still keeping people at arms length so I wouldn’t get sick! But at least I was there again with my family. What a blessing!



2012 Fashionetta!

2012 Fashionetta! 1906-1908 1st Family!

So, it seems as much as things change, they stay…the same.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marion Kelly
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 20:25:29

    First Family of the Inkwell/Martha’s Vineyard, Paradise Valley, CBBC, Wells Fargo, Links Inc., Boule, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Alpha, Jack & Jill looking good. I am so encouraged by your example of facing life head on. A lesson to learned by all who follow. You guys are leading by example.


  2. Thelma
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 13:25:53

    We continue to pray many times a day for you & the B’s. You three are amazing!
    It was great seeing you at Fashionetta & Links meeting.


  3. JC Ellis
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 17:16:07

    Great photo of you and the B’s! The B’s in Chicago led by the new b continue to lift you and the B’s up daily! Since the port will be with you forever, give it a name. Newby named his iv when he was in the hospital for 2 weeks.


  4. Mieko
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 17:48:02

    Barb, I was so moved and touched by you when we all spoke this past Sunday. I was not aware of what you were actually dealing with until you shared………my heart is sooooooooooo heavy. I am really at a lost for words, but what I can say is that you and your family are forever in my thoughts, heart and prayers. In the short time that I have known you, you have made such an impact on my life. You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways, you have no idea! This is such a hard thing to deal with let alone share with the world, but your strength and courage is limitless. You are truly a fearless warrior.


  5. Deirdre Smith
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 16:29:29

    Your strength is amazing and I pray that I will one day be 1/2 the woman you are. I love you, sis and am always praying. God Bless you!

    PS. I think you should give it a name, too. (smile)


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