Getting It All Done

red ink . . .

Pink ink and I had a great talk the other night.   She was sharing her sense of urgency, reinforced during a recent visit with some college buddies, that she needs to make so many things happen for Lil B’s future just in case.   I reminded her, and she laughed in agreement, that I always go a little nuts when I leave town without my family, cleaning, cooking, shopping, making lists (which they and my husband promptly ignore) even rearranging my underwear drawer, so that by the time I get where I’m going – I’m totally exhausted, but feel a little less guilty for being away because I have worked so hard to “get it all done.”   We both acknowledged the differences between the uncertainty she faces and my silly trip preparations, but we also acknowledged that whether it’s laundry, dishes, work, cleaning or something much, much more important, like telling your daughter all that you think she needs to know, just in case, we may never  – either of us – get “it” all done.  Perhaps the best we can all do, is to really be in the moments that we’re in and give our whole 100% selves while we’re there, and just hope it’s enough – enough love stored up to last.  Then just maybe we can have a little faith that whatever we don’t do will be far overshadowed by all that we did do.

With that said, I’m going to watch a movie with my best baby girl . . .SONY DSC

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