Out of Touch and Oscar Buzz

red ink…

Hey everybody, in case you were wondering, I’ve been here all along-  just, appropriately, in the background while watching pink ink do her thing.   This blog, you may remember, was started to give her a place to tell her story and she has done just that magnificently with humor, style and grace through it all!   Lately her posts leave me humbled, speechless, sometimes really embarrassed that I had the nerve to complain about my day, or they reinforce my sense that as much as I want to, I just can’t make this go away by prayer, petition or anything else.   I keep praying mind you, and I keep talking to her whenever I can catch her (her sense of urgency is apparent in the way she moves), and sending love to all the B’s in whatever way I can.   Lil B and I talk and text pretty regularly, and as much as I love to hear that little voice or to get her messages, my heart breaks a bit every time thinking about the road that she’s traveled with her mom.   Barb and I don’t talk every day anymore – as I said she is truly on the move – so I don’t always know what’s happening from moment to moment as I did when this all began.   I know she’s been blessed by the presence of her girls in Phoenix who have walked with her and lunched with her and drank with her and cried with her when and where she needed it most, and I’m honestly grateful for them, and just a small smidge envious – but not jealous, really just wishing that I could be there in that way to share this time, however much either of us has, together.

For example, this Sunday, I’d like nothing more than to be sitting with her and lil B  (and my Shelby, of course) having our own little Oscar party!   We may just have to have a Skype party complete with feather boas!

Driving home this evening, I heard about what seems to be an amazing documentary about the emotional and physical scars that cancer leaves on women’s lives and on the lives of those who love them.   It’s called “Mondays at Racine” and has been nominated for an OSCAR this year for best short film.    See Mondays at Racine.   Listening to the report on NPR, all I could think about was that pink well chick surely has an oscar worthy documentary in all that she has shared.   Somebody just needs to tell those people . . .

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