Beasts of the Southern Wild

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Watched Beasts of the Southern Wild with my kids tonight and was just awed once again by the performance of little Quvenzhane Wallis, but as much by the story itself, and it made me think of pink ink and Lil B.  Can’t you just see pink ink staring down the “beast” in her life?

The story also made me think about how I’ve gone from being a sweet, nurturing mom who hugs my kids and peppers them with “I love you’s” to being a pretty tough mom as they are growing up and getting ready to go out into the world.   I feel like I’ve got to get them prepared to face the “beasts” that await them, just like Hushpuppy’s father and my friend pink ink, to make sure that they can “handle their business.”

My middle son (age 15) laid his head on my lap tonight for the first time in a long time and I stroked his head and remembered, missing all the many times that I hugged each of them so tightly and rocked them to sleep.   But I can’t spend the precious time that I have left with them before they’re out in the world, rocking, reading stories and hugging them,  I feel like I have to make sure they’re strong and ready – like Hushpuppy.

If you’ve seen the movie, you know that her daddy’s love for his daughter wasn’t at all pretty – it was tough, gritty, full of cusses, with no room for tears and little space for sentiment, but to be sure, it was love.   It was love because his goal in the end was to teach his daughter independence and by giving her independence, to give her freedom.   Isn’t that what we are all trying to impart to our children?   In the end, Hushpuppy gave her daddy back the love  by giving him a last bite of the fried ‘gator that he remembered her mama cooking for him back when they were together.   And he knew, in that instant, that she was going to be o.k.

Love this movie!   Love this story … To be sure, I’m going to keep hugging mine and saying “I love you’s” but I’m also going to be sure that they are at least half as tough as Hushpuppy.

Lil B has this spirit in her . . . when I returned home from one of my  visits last year, I remember looking at my own kids (who are all older than Lil B) and thinking about how very competent and independent she is.   She is sweetness, with a sentimental heart, to be sure, but she already has on her big girl pants and has been wearing them for a while now…

Can’t wait for the Oscars, tomorrow.   This child, Quvenzhane, should get special recognition (even if I can’t pronounce her name)!   If you haven’t seen the movie, see it . . .

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