Pink Ink…

One of the blogs I follow occasionally has posts called “ In other Randomness”.  So today, as I sit waiting for my 7th transfusion in the month of February, I thought I’d capture the randomness of my life! (This mini iPad has been very useful! Thanks mom & dad!) So “lace up” as the kids say, for some random thoughts today!

  • Random: Watched the Oscars with one of my Phoenix BFFs! You know that the Oscars are my Super Bowl! Last year CH and I texted thru the whole show.  But this year, we decided to watch together with Lil B! Home made heart healthy pizzas, and cupcakes! Great idea! It was a long weekend and I was exhausted.  Plus our texting fingers could never keep up with our snarky comments! Lol CH is like me in that we both try to see all the movies, so we can make informed opinions about the winners. Even Red Ink and her little chickadee watched the show in Red Boas! But alas, this year’s awards were painfully predictable. Loved Seth McFarlane though.  Most of the jokes went over the head of viewers unless you “follow” Hollywood like us! LOL My true friends know me, b/c they texted me during the show, and after wanting my opinion on the awards…and the dresses.  So in a nutshell.  Best: Halle Berry (making up for the Golden globe debacle), Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, & Stacey Keliber. Worst: there were so many, so I am going with ALL the Jens! Jen Anniston (Change your hair) Jen Lawrence (Dress aged her) Jen Garner (Do something…anything different!) BUT hats off to JENNIFER HUDSON for reminding Beyonce that THAT is why she won the Oscar! TOP performance! Even my dad was watching Oscars from across the country.  He reminded me we saw the original Les Miz in London, before it came to the US.  Good times!imgres-4
  • Random: Spent the weekend celebrating the 50th birthday of one of my close friends.  While the weekend was spectacular (she’s a party planner after all), what struck me was how much her friends love her.  You would expect that right?  But it was really something listening to people from all periods in her life, and from all around the country (folks flew in!) say the same thing about her.  In the 4 short years that I have known her, I have known her to be just what they describe. “Always positive, even in crisis. Loving, a true friend. A “Joy” to be around. (Her name is Joy)  She has truly been a blessing to my family and me!  As I was dancing (yes dancing!) at her Fab Party, I wondered if I would make it to 50, and if I did, what would my legacy be.  What would my friends say?  A friend yesterday wondered aloud what our daughters would say about us, if asked to describe us. Hmmm…
  • Random: I realize the body plays tricks on you, and I need to follow my own advice! I have been really committed to being #hearthealthy for the month of February!  I have exercised 23 of 27 days so far.  I feel great for the most part! Yet, I have had more transfusions in this month than I have in 16 months! Wow!  Over on http://www.pinkwellchick.com, I tell folks to check with a doctor before they start any new exercise or food program.  Well, I got the approval to work out, but didn’t meet with a trainer until this week. (Ironically, to help me keep exercising in the months ahead!)  Fortunately, she is a trainer who is educated in working with cancer patients.  She told me that some of the exercises I was doing could have led to lymphodema! Remember that issue! My arm could have BLOWN UP, and never gone down.  Your girl would have been walking around with a fat arm and a tight lymphodema sleeve. No bueno!
  • Random: Thought this shout out was appropriate for today as I get my millionth transfusion!

As I get more platelets, enjoy the…Randomness! 

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer B
    Feb 27, 2013 @ 21:46:44

    Nice shout out. You didn’t even mention Kristen Stewart?! Too easy?

    Take care.


  2. JC Ellis
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 10:47:30

    I’m sure you utterly enjoyed wearing a touch of RED every day in February for heart health month!. :>)


  3. Alignment Alchemist
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 01:54:50

    You both look great! And a Wildcat Rawrrr to the NU Alum! Me 2! I’m following your blog now, gives me inspiration to keep on mine 🙂


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