Have you had yours?

SONY DSCred ink. . .

Talked to pink ink today and promised I’d post.   With much hesitation, I went to have my annual mammogram today.  It was clear and  I am truly grateful.   Honestly,  given all that has happened to Pink Ink, I was scared to go in and delayed my appointment until after my birthday.   My breasts are lumpy (benign fibrocystic my doctor tells me), and I had to have a biopsy 3 years ago, so I worry maybe more than most.  Pink ink has shown me how your life can change in an instant.   I was just about in full out panic (kind of like the “turbulence on the plane” panic that pink ink and I share) when I reminded myself about the other valuable lessons that pink ink and others have taught me . . .  Lessons about the importance of early detection and how finding out early can extend and save your life.   So I put on my pretty pink bra and matching big girl panties and headed off to my mammogram.  Not knowing is not caring for myself, or my husband or my kids.   I had to do this.   My doctor’s office makes this the best experience possible, but at the end of the day, there you are boobs out in a cool room being smashed to a pulp.   The worst part was waiting for my doctor to read the films and give me the okay to get dressed and come to see her.   I tried to look at magazines, got a cup of tea, and tried to be calmed by the office fountain.  None of it worked.  I exhaled when she came in and told me that I could get dressed.   I knew the routine.   I knew then that I was o.k. today.  I thanked God and posted on Facebook to remind people to get their mammos no matter how scared they are.  As I said there, reach out to me if you’re scared!   Today I celebrate, and  I won’t stop touching these tatas during my regular self-exams, which are just as important (remember pink ink found her lump herself after having a clear mammogram months before)!   Don’t wait another day…make your appointment and by all means, regularly touch your tatas!   We owe it to Pink Ink and to all the survivors out there.  Make it happen!

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  1. Charlene Berry
    Oct 15, 2013 @ 04:58:46

    I look forward to reading about survivors of triple negative as i am a 2 ye tnbc survivor with little to no support at this time. I am in the process of changing surgeons after being told not to do self breast exams. When i read about other survivors i learn and so dar i have learned not to stop self breast exams. After all i found my lump as a result of a self breast exam. Thanks so much!


  2. JC Ellis
    Oct 22, 2013 @ 17:47:33

    Thanks for reminding us to touch our tatas. I am really bad about doing my self exams, but will be better about it thanks to your reminder post! Tangent: Heir 1 refers to them as “bongos!” Yes, the hormones of a 10 year old boy have kicked in and now all he notices are bongos! sigh. Here we go.


  3. Dee Crews
    Oct 25, 2013 @ 15:58:54

    Continue to remind your peers of that annual mammogram! Since 35, I make my appointment on my Birthday. Barbara taught us all to be more diligent in our pursuits for good health. I’ve had mine for my 66th Birthday and three Biopsies. Sorry, that I was traveling and missed the play. Love to you Pink and Red Ink for all that you’ve done for us through your journey. Go Bless! D. Crews


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