The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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This holiday season has been kinda tough.   Each time something happens that I’d ordinarily pick up the phone to share with my girl, I remember…Her absence also causes me to remember the other holes in my heart that just seem a bit more exposed at Christmas time.

Yet there are so many very special gifts that I cherish – my family and friends – old and new- who are keeping me afloat with their calls, emails, texts, cards, invitations, hugs and visits.   Among the gifts that I cherish most this season are those given to me by Pink Ink…everything from some of the cards that she sent, to a still unused GC for a massage, to my most awesome birthday video…but honestly the best gift that she gave me was the gift of connecting me to so many of you.  You all know how Pink Ink loved to connect folks.   Her insistence that all of her people knew each other and understood how important each piece of the puzzle was to her was a true gift.   Just when I’m thinking of her, I get an email or text from one of you, and I know we are sharing some of the same special memories…It honestly helps…

So many people have shared how much this blog has meant to them.  When Pink Ink and I started the blog, it was for the express purpose of allowing her a forum to share her story.  Sometimes, I filled in to give another perspective on the journey.   She wanted it to be so much more than about her though.   She really wanted it to be a place where we could share “real talk” about the issues (all of them) that were affecting us on our journey through this life.   She desired to reach a broader audience by using our stories to elevate the issues and causes that mattered to her and to us.

One of the most difficult things that struck us when we were looking for examples of blogs to follow was that there were so many that just stopped when one of the authors reached the end of his or her journey on this side.   Somehow, it felt wrong to just stop, when there was still so much to be shared, so much to be said…

A gift that I want to give back to my girl Pink Ink this holiday season is one that allows her important work to continue through this blog with the help of those that she connected me to while on her journey in the cancer lane.  So here’s the deal… I’m hoping to “deputize” all of you out there have even the slightest desire to be “honorary” inkwell chicks and chick-a-dudes   [You can become an official member of the club if you join me and lil B on the Inkwell this summer (late July, early August)….more later]  I’ve talked to some of you, and encouraged you to select your own color ink and to become guest authors throughout this next year.    My goal is that we will all spend some time this year together healing on a journey to wholeness that honors the important work that Pink Ink started in our own voices.

Just a few simple ground rules…

… hoping for two posts each month by the collective “guest bloggers”

…Remember our goal is to promote health and wellness by sharing our stories and encouraging each other…and one more thing…

…Real talk required! Lol!

So let’s do this “chicks” and “chick-a-dudes.”  Dust off your writing chops and think about a way to inspire wellness in the new year.   Get creative… inbox me ( your “ink color” (pink, red, orange, yellow and crimson are already taken) and the month that you want to post, and I’ll send you the login in information and a short tutorial about how to post pix, etc.  It’s really that simple…

You don’t have to stick to the awareness issues each month but I thought they might help you guys get started…Let’s keep Pink Ink’s “real talk” conversation going…She’d love this…Word!  🙂

Schedule of Posts for 2014

January is all set…

February (Heart Health Month)

March (Multiple Sclerosis Month)

April (Autism Awareness Month/ Stress Awareness Month)

May (ALS / Stroke / High Blood Pressure / Lupus)

June (Cancer Survivors Day/ Men’s Health Week) Hunger Awareness)

July (Water safety/Fireworks safety)

August (Immunization awareness month)

September (Prostate Cancer/Menopause Awareness Month)

October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month / Depression-Mental Health)

November (Diabetes/ Epilepsy)

December (AIDS awareness)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!  Love you guys!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly, Marion K.
    Dec 18, 2013 @ 06:18:26

    I will take March, Multiple Sclerosis month. My wife is not only a cancer survivor but she also has MS. I happen to be the Chair of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Arizona Affiliate Chapter. This is right up my alley. Crimson Ink aka Marion Kelly


  2. TME
    Dec 19, 2013 @ 15:59:44

    Hey Red Ink! Yes, our girl would love this and is sending us the love & encouragement we need to *do something*. Clearly lol. It’s Yellow Ink here, ready willing and able to take April. Yellow is inspired by my poem Find Your Own Shine. Barb loved the poem and I will find ways to weave it into an inspirational message to relieve stress and be the best we can be every day. If you need help with any techie stuff let me know!

    Ready? Set? SHINE!

    Yellow Ink aka Tonya


  3. Helen Imes
    Dec 29, 2013 @ 06:22:42

    Great idea….just not sure if/what I could contribute. When you get MY AGE “wellness” is a scarcity. For starters I’ll just read what all you young ins’ are inspired about. Seriously I am so pleased that you have decided to carry on the legacy of Pink Ink. She would probably by now say emphatically, “WORD !!” Sharing Christmas holidays with the 2 B’s and Barb’s family was such a wonderful experience. It was my son’s idea to be with lil B (he is her Uncle Hero not really a cousin) She could hardly wait for him to be there. We shared such great memories and it was an uplifting time. I just couldn’t keep from thinking that she would walk in the door at any minute. But her spirit was felt there as we dined on the traditional meal,sang,laughed, exchanged gifts, traded stories and celebrated the reason for the season. I hope I can plan to be at the Inkwell this summer. I haven’t been there since the kids were 8 or 9 years old. I’m ready for the real talk conversations to start for 2014. Who knows I might get anxiously inspired and decide to get busy.too. MONA


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