Find the humor

Pink Ink…


Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year, I barely managed to pull myself to the Thanksgiving table.  Yet, we managed to find some humor in the day.  (Ironically, I will be thankful for ZOPHRAN, again this year!! Maybe I should be thankful for the scientist who discovered that it is a cure for nausea!) That’s what it is all about.  Finding something to laugh about when all else looks dark.

This Thanksgiving I am surrounded by all of Big B’s family. That is a miracle in itself, as it has never happened in 17 years of marriage! Yes, there will be drinks! Ha! Usually, it’s babies that bring families together.  But…well…you know.  Sometimes, it’s other things.  Suffice it to say that my family is rallying and coming at Christmas.  My cousin is even flying in from Peru!  Trust that I hope, pray and believe that we will have many more holidays together.  But it brings me joy to see Lil B surrounded by the love of cousins she has only met once before at a funeral!

Cousins on Thanksgiving Day!

Thank you to ALL who are sending prayers, cards, emails, texts, jokes, pictures, gifts, etc.  While I may not respond to each of you, please know that  you are all appreciated on this day and everyday!  

So when you are stuffed, the dishes are piled in the sink, the football games have come and gone, and you are officially sick of  ALL of your relatives, remember to…find the humor!